May 31, 2023 |

19:00 Helferei

The world of Chornobyldorf is dedicated to the research on imaginary culturological post-apocalypse. CHORNOBYLDORF as “opera aperta” (a term coined by Umberto Eco) combines an archaeological opera (music-theatrical performance) in seven novels with a multiple and open-ended finale, a series of video performances created during expeditions through post-industrial landscapes, two fictional Institutions: Anthropological museum of CHORNOBYLDORF, and Institute of Chornobyldorf culture, and a real virtuality opera - a virtual space that blends all physical, video, and textual elements of the project online.

/Chornobyldorf/ (2022) music, libretto, directing, dramaturgy, scenography by Roman Grygoriv and Ilia Razumeiko.