The Living Fire / Zhyva Vatra

Sept. 6, 2023 |

19:00 Zentralwäscherei

Polonyna Radul is the last among more than seventy in the Verkhovyna Region, where the traditions of Hutsul sheep-breeding are still alive. Director Ostap Kostyuk observes the lives of shepherds of different generations who graze their flocks every summer exactly where their grandfathers did. The elder, owner Ivan Besashchuk, can tell from his own experience whether anything has changed here since the 1930s. The younger one, named Ivanko Mykhailiuk, goes to school like everyone else, but the things that really interest him can be learned only here, as far as possible from “civilization”.

/The Living Fire/ (2020) directed by Ostap Kostiuk.

the film has english subtitles, the entrance is free.

Kadr-z-filmu-_ZHyva-varta_-1-2 Kadr-z-filmu-_ZHyva-varta_-2